No. 11 AREA

 Secretary's Report

Formation of a new Royal Naval Sailing Association Branch

Any R.N.A. member wishing to join / help start a new branch of the Royal Naval Sailing Association (RNSA) in the North East of England is invited to contact:

The only requirement for being a member of the RNSA is to be either a serving or retired member of the Royal Navy or Royal Marines (officers or men).

Having a boat or any sailing experience is not necessary as those who have boats are always looking for crew and are usually more than pleased to teach the necessary techniques.

The aim of the branch would be a social gathering of people who like sailing but we would also have the occasional celebrations, barbecues and parties thrown in.

On the sailing side of the branch, it is intended to organise rallies to other branches and, subject to Brexit requirements, to other countries on the North Sea, Belgium being a favourite for most sailors.

For those who are not sure if sailing is for them there will usually be a skipper who just wants to go out for a day’s sail and come back on the next tide, thus giving a taster of life in small boats.

This is an excellent opportunity to experience the invigorating pastime of sailing at very little cost.
Marking 75 years since VE Day

A weekend of vintage celebrations is being planned to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE Day.

Selby Town Council have announced they are planning a weekend of events in the town to begin on the early May bank holiday (VE Day) 2020.

Celebrations are set to take place from Friday, 8th May through to Sunday, 10th May and hope to include a wartime dance, a vehicle display, a brass band, and a service of remembrance.

The council will meet to discuss plans soon and are keen for any local groups who would like to be part of the weekend to contact the town hall on 01757 708449.
Travel Insurance

Possibly of interest to any shipmate who has been unable to obtain Annual or Worldwide Travel Insurance due to their age or medical conditions - many of those with problems can only get single policy insurance and often cannot get insurance to travel to USA/Canada or Caribbean.

This offer, through Forces Pension Society (FPS), is open to all Serving and Veterans of HM Forces plus spouse/partner and certain family members. To take up the travel offer you must be a member of the Forces Pension Society (fee £39.00 per anum).
Just go on line to Forces Pension Society (FPS),
click on 'How can we help you,'
then  click on 'Members Offers,'
then  click on 'Travel,'
then  click on the fifth one down which is the Health Insurance Group  (PPP Healthcare UK Based Members).
I know that the spouse is part of the membership but not sure how it works - just ask when you call. Of course the travel insurance will need to be for both. When you have read it you can click on 'Join Us Today' on line if you wish. It takes about ten days for your membership number to come through.
You can also ring and ask for a quote 0800 389 7724 while you are waiting for your membership number to come through OR  you can ring for a quote before you join FPS then you can decide if it is worth it or not. 
The number above will be answered by the Health Insurance section then ask for Travel insurance. They will need your FPS membership number before you can get insured.
They do not ask about your medical history or what medication you are taking but need to know the following:
1.  You are not travelling against your doctors advice.
2.  You do not have a terminal diagnosis.
3.  You are not having on-going treatment (not just a normal review).
4.  You have not very recently left hospital. If so they need the doctor to say you are fit to travel.
Eden Camp All Services Remembrance Parade and Service, 8th September 2019

The annual Eden Camp All Services Remembrance Parade and Service will take place at the museum on Sunday, 8th September 2019.

The format and timings will be the same as in previous years: the museum will be open free to veterans and serving members and their husbands/wives/partners and Cadet groups from 10.00am and the parade will assemble at 2.10pm for the march to the Eden Camp Memorial at 2.30pm. The Yorkshire Volunteers Band will lead the parade, followed by the Standards and those able to take part in the parade. Wreaths may be laid at the end of the Service.

If attending as a group, Eden Camp would be grateful if you could advise them of approximate numbers of members. It would also help considerably if you can let them know if you will be going by coach/mini bus so that they can arrange on-site parking.

This year, to mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day, they hope to pay special tribute to the Normandy Veterans. They also hope to feature one of their local regiments, the Green Howards, as it was a Green Howard, Stanley Hollis, who was the only person to be awarded a Victoria Cross for his actions on D-Day.

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From the Archives....

Brian Newbury, of Hilda Street, Selby, who this month celebrates his 21st birthday, arrived back in England last week after spending some time in the Arctic. Brian was one of several Yorkshiremen who recently penetrated up to fifty miles under the Arctic ice as members of two submarine crews excercising in that area.
The submarine Grampus and its sister ship, Porpoise, are thought to have broken a record. It is believed that so great a distance has never before been covered under ice by a conventional type of submarine
Brian, an engineer mechanic in the Grampus, has served in the Royal Navy since 1958, joining submarines in 1961.
The Grampus damaged one of its periscopes when it hit a mammal, possibly a seal.
The two submarines arrived at the ice edge on 8th March and left on 27th March and on occasions were under ice up to 50ft thick. Several times they surfaced through holes in the ice to "breathe" and once the crew of Porpoise played football on the surface.
Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity

The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity is the principal, and chosen, charity of the Royal Navy and the Navy Board and now the RNA’s preferred charity.

• Last year the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity gave £6.5m to people most in need: serving personnel, veterans and families. This included over £717,000 to the RNBT and £730,000 to the RN and RM Children’s Fund. So, by helping the RNRMC you, like the rising tide, “lift all boats”

• For serving Shipmates – in ships, squadrons, submarines, commando units and ashore – its funding is used to boost morale, improve facilities and ease the pressure that life in the Service can bring.

• But by far the largest amount goes to other (mainly) naval charities, including those that provide crucial support for parents and children as well as veterans experiencing difficulty with ill health, old age or hard times.

• The RNRMC gave £20,000 to support the RNA’s new Naval Service Memorial.

For more information on the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity, please call 023 9254 8128 or visit

Branches Donating to Charity – a note for future guidance

A review of branch annual returns and accounts has shown many occasions when it seems branches may have donated to charities incorrectly. The rule is simple and depends entirely what is in the mind of the person donating money at the moment they do. This might be money in a bucket or collecting tin, buying tickets for a branch raffle or having an event to raise money for a specific project.

So, if you hold an event or collection and it is COMPLETELY clear for whom you are collecting during the collection, then the money can be passed to that charity (even if you are in RNA rig).

However, general branch and charity funds, profits from branch events and raffles etc can only be given to charities within our charitable object laid down in the Royal Charter.

In brief:
  • For serving or ex-serving members of the naval forces in need hardship or distress, and their dependents.
  • To further the efficiency of the Naval Service, including recruiting.
  • To provide facilities for bring members of the RNA together
  • To perpetuate the memory of those who have served in the Naval forces.
  • To help members find employments
  • To provide members advice on personal matter, etc.
Therefore the charities that are fine are those charities that specifically help serving and ex-Naval Service such as RNBT, RNRMC, Pembroke house etc. Help for Heroes is fine since they look after Marines. Sea Cadets are good to help since that can come under recruiting. Joint service charities that look after all 3 services, but do help the Navy, are fine too, such as the Legion, BLESMA, Blind Veterans SSAFA and the Not Forgottens.

The point is to ensure that whoever is contributing knows where the money goes - a donor is entitled to assume that the money given to someone in an RNA blazer collecting with an RNA bucket will go for RNA charitable purposes.