No. 11 AREA

 Selby Branch: Daily Orders

Members of Selby Royal Naval Association get involved in many events and celebrations, the shipmates also support other good causes and groups. We are always calling for ex Royal Naval recruits that wish to share the good times, and we'll be there to support you in the bad times.

We invite any serving and former Royal Naval, WRNS, Royal Marines, QARNNS, and RFA personnel to join us. In fact, we would be delighted to welcome any Naval personnel, past or present, or anyone who has an interest in our naval forces. Meetings are held on the last Friday of every month at Selby Working Men's Club, Selby, North Yorkshire. Once navy, always navy.

Diary Dates, 2019
The venue for Branch meetings and socials is Selby Working Men's Club, 71-73, Micklegate, Selby, North Yorkshire, YO8 4ED (unless otherwise stated).
Friday, 25 January Branch Meeting and Annual General Meeting
Friday, 22 February Branch Meeting
Friday, 29 March Branch Meeting
Friday, 26 April Branch Meeting
Friday, 31 May Branch Meeting
Friday, 28 June Branch Meeting
Friday, 26 July Branch Meeting
Friday, 30 August Branch Meeting
Friday, 27 September Branch Meeting
Saturday, 19 October Trafalgar Night Dinner (tbc)
Friday, 25 October Branch Meeting
Friday, 08 November Remembrance Service (Selby Cemetery) (tbc)
Sunday, 10 November Armistice Day Parade (Scott Rd, Selby, 10:30)
Friday, 29 November Branch Meeting
Friday, 27 December Branch Meeting


Selby Branch Committee Members

Vice Chairman
Hon Secretary
Standard Bearer
Andy Priddy
Brian Newbury
Ron Shilton
Alice Shilton
John Rogers

.... Notes ....
Trafalgar Night Dinner (tbc)
Selby Branch will hold their Trafalgar Night Dinner on Saturday, 19 October 2019 (details will appear here when the dinner/venue have been confirmed). Rig: Full Blues with Medals.
Remembrance Service
A remembrance service will be held at the War Graves Section at Selby Cemetery on Friday, 08 November 2019. Members who are able to attend should muster at the cemetery at 10:15. Rig: Full Blues with Medals.
 (date to be confirmed).
Armistice Day Parade
A parade will take place through the town centre, followed by a short service in Selby Abbey and a wreath laying ceremony in Selby Park on completion. Branch members who are able to march should muster at Scott Road Medical Centre at 09:15 on Sunday, 10 November 2019. Rig: Full Blues with Medals.