No. 11 AREA

Membership Criteria

Full Membership

All past and present members of the Naval Forces, The Fleet Auxiliary Service, The Royal Naval Auxiliary Service and any person whjo served in the Naval Forces of a nation which was formerly a member of the British Commonwealth, provided they have served in such Naval Forces or Services for not less than six month, or were honourably discharge disable having served a shorter period.

Life Membership

A full member who has given long and honourable service to the Association may be appointed by the Council as a Full Life Member.

Honorary Membership

The Council or any Branch may confer Honorary membership on professional persons who place their services at the disposal of the Association in an Honorary capacity, but who are not eligible for Full Membership.

Associate Membership

The Council or any Branch may confer Associate Membership on persons over the age of 18 who express sympathy with the objects of the Association.